I would like to share some of the important tips and lessons I have learned from my experiences of grilling in the winter.

1. Prepare yourself first! If you are uncomfortable or unprepared for the conditions outdoors, the experience is surely not going to be pleasant. Wear enough clothing to stand outside with your grill as it cooks. Running in and out doesn’t work for me because I don’t want to track snow all through my house. I typically wear my winter coat, gloves, thick hat and sometimes if snow conditions are deep enough I wear my winter boots and wool socks. I would recommend not using the nicest gloves you own however because through repeated use they won’t be so nice anymore.

2. Use new charcoal. I try to keep my charcoal baskets empty and only heat up enough coals to cook what is being grilled that night. I generally use briquettes due to its low cost and it burns for quite a long time, however, I do use lump charcoal as well. Lump charcoal burns much hotter and faster so occasionally I mix the two to make the fire hotter at a faster rate. This is particularly helpful when its frightful outside and you want to grill as fast as you can!

3. Prepare your grill. The shovel is by far the most important grilling tool I own for winter grilling. A car brush is helpful with clearing off the snow from the dome and the tabletop of the Performer.